• A wide selection of programs for full body treatments
    Ability to separately control and control intensities for each part of the body at the same time even in automatic programs
    Combining massage techniques during targeted treatments
    The ULTIMATE XD denominator of SANA VIVO gives you a real experience of touch by a therapist with optimal control in all dimensions of the massage
    And in all parts of the body in the most accurate way!
    A built-in AI system from SANA VIVO learns the body and prevents pain by pinpointing every touch of the machine with the body!
    SANA VIVO armchairs meet the highest standards that exist in the world in terms of quality, safety, and service.
    The MEDICS CARE company, the exclusive importer of the brand, gives you a full 5-year warranty at the customer’s home, annual care and maintenance for 5 years at your place, you should enjoy our use and service!
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