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Professional Shiatsu Massage Mattress by Medics Care

  • improves the quality of sleep
    Relieves stress and fatigue
    Full back massage including heat
    Relieving back muscle tension, abdominal pain and discomfort, arthritis in the legs, etc., and improving blood circulation


Advanced massage mattress model MC-3101 for deep massage with an Ultra Deep Body Care system for a Shiatsu massage that simulates the touch of a therapist on the back together with a Jade Stone heating hot stone surface that connects to the device and in addition the most advanced vibration system in the world of Extreame Vibration Core massage
The massage mattress is designed for comfort and the ultimate massage for people who prefer to receive a massage in the position of fully reclining on a couch on a straight surface or at a slight angle.
You can get an ultimate massage by pressing a button on one of the automatic programs or you can adjust the professional program yourself to the levels and intensity at which you want to receive the massage
Upgrade any massage with a high-quality hot stone surface, recommended for the treatment of period pain, back pain, enhancing the sensation of the massage through a high temperature massage with hot stones!
The surface can be placed on the back for an ultimate massage effect to relieve back pain and relieve discomfort, tension and fatigue.
Shiatsu massage mattress with heating pad from Medics Care
Model: MC-3101
Complete relaxation of the body: the massage mattress includes deep tissue kneading massage, vibration and heating, for an excellent massage for the whole body to relieve tension
3 full Shiatsu back massage areas
4 variable massage intensities
6 programmed modes
Heat treatment: the bed massage pillow comes with a portable heating pad that can be used in any part of the body
Vibration massage: The surface of a massage mattress for the whole body includes 10 vibrating motors that provide a gentle and relaxing massage from the front, neck, shoulder, back to the legs.
Premium PU leather cover is easy to clean, comfortable and durable for long-term use.
A luxurious massage mat for the whole body that folds and is packed in an oxford fabric carrying case


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